Artist Statement

Gail R. Mitchell

From the moment my hands first manipulated clay my spirit soared and my creativity flowed transporting me to another time and place where I found peace, joy and laughter.

Through soul searching ceramics has become the life force and means of expressing my creativity, passion, and inspiration. Ceramics makes my heart sing. It has led me to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and this chapter of my journey is very fufilling.

My love of ceramics deepens as I discover new and different clay bodies, creating new textures, experimenting with the glazing and firing processes. I love the outside firing process that include Raku, Saggar, Wood burning, fuming, sawdust and salt firing. I am drawn from dark wood firings to the bright colors I have been creating with Saggar and Raku.

Ceramics is a universal language that touches people. It is my hope that you all will continue to feel the love and energy that I put into my work.

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